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About Us


The Association

There are NPRA Rodeos in 3 States, and We Sanction With Several Other Associations


The Members

Our Membership ranges from Novice Rodeo Athletes to Professional Rodeo Athletes


The Purpose

Is to perpetuate the sport of rodeo through continued growth in rodeos and membership


NPRA Board

The NPRA Operations is overseen by experienced Rodeo Leadership that are invested in the Sport of Rodeo

The largest regional rodeo organization in the Western United States

About the NPRA

The purpose of the NPRA to perpetuate the sport of rodeo through continued growth in rodeos and membership, providing humane and competitive entertainment for the Northwest. On our site you will find the current standings of some of the finest Northwest Cowboys as well as the results from some of the Best Rodeos in the West.

The Northwest Professional Rodeo Association is the western United States largest regional rodeo organization. It annually sanctions over 40 rodeos throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada and California. Its membership continues to grow and represents the finest caliber of rodeo athletes in the country!

The NPRA rodeo season begins in October with a few indoor rodeos through the winter months, increases to a “multiple rodeos per weekend” schedule through the summer months, and climaxes in September at the Championship Finals.


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Every accomplishment begins with the decision to try


Proudly Providing Rodeo Opportunities for Over 70 Years

The NPRA is proud of the opportunity it provides for rodeo athletes to compete at the professional level while remaining close to home, families, and weekday jobs. It promotes a wholesome family atmosphere and continuously works to improve contestant and livestock conditions. It is dedicated to preserving the western heritage that is an integral part of rodeo. The spirit of the west is alive and flourishing at NPRA rodeos throughout the northwest region.

Thousands of rodeo fans have discovered that the sportsmanship, the level of competition, the quality of livestock and the exciting rodeo action seen at NPRA rodeos is the “Best in the West”.

Watch for an NPRA sanctioned event near you this year and come see for yourself! Bring the whole family and enjoy the fun and excitement of The Great American Sport of Rodeo – NPRA style!

The first recorded rodeo is somewhat mysterious

Believe it or not, there is no record of the first official rodeo anywhere. While most recognized rodeos and rodeo organizations were established in the first part of the 20th century, there are some records dating back to the mid-1800s. 

Wade Leslie was the first bull rider to score a perfect 100, and no one has done it since

As many school-aged kids will understand, earning a perfect score can be difficult. Same goes for bull riding!

The official state sport of both Texas and Wyoming is Rodeo

It may not seem like a big surprise when we say that Texas’ state sport
is rodeo, but did you know it’s also Wyoming’s?

Join the largest Regional Rodeo Organization in the Western United States. From Novice to Professional, come grow your Rodeo Career with the NPRA. Sound Director, Announcer, Bullfighter, Pickupman, Photographer, and more, there are Memberships Available for you as well!